Delivering quality products tailored to the needs of the life sciences industry

McRae Integration’s life sciences team is dedicated to delivering top-quality automation solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The team has extensive experience delivering quality products tailored to the demanding needs of the life sciences industry, understanding the importance of documentation and following proper procedure. McRae Integration’s standards are built around GAMP and cGMP with a high level of expertise handling electronic records/electronic signature (ERES, 21 CFR part 11) to ensure that the systems meet all requirements.

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Life Science & Pharmaceutical Services

McRae Integration offers a variety of automation services within the Life Sciences industry:
– Process Control Design
– Pharmaceutical Skid Controls
– Building Automation and Controls and Integration
– Serialization Controls and Integration
– Industrial Robotic Systems (Process and Packaging)
– Self-Navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV)
– System Re-controls & Upgrades
– Chart Recorder Digital Replacement
– Project Management