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Brew.0 is a fit-for-size, simple and extremely reliable process control system that simultaneously allows you to brew, track batches, manage recipes, and handle inventory management without breaking a sweat, or the bank. Our standard design ensures a quick and reliable install and a problem-free start up. Customization of your process is easy through the user-friendly web interface, accessible through your tablet or mobile phone. Best of all, Brew.0 is scalable, allowing you to start small and grow your system with your growing business.

Craft Brewery Automation Solutions

Brew.0 handles all aspects of your operation:

  • Brewery controls
  • Data acquisition
  • Reporting
  • Inventory management

Small Scale, Big Impact

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Craft breweries may start out as small, manual operations, but the key to a successful craft brewery is scalability. As demand for your product increases, you need to be able to adjust your output. This is why Brew.0 was designed as a modular, scalable craft brewery controls solution—it can grow with your brewery!

Why limit your brewery’s potential with isolated standalone PID controllers? Brew.0 can bring your brewery to life with smart, connected temperature controls that are simple to manage and provide essential data to continuously improve your operation.

Brew.0 allows you to automate your process at your own pace. Whether you start with just data collection and reporting visibility, a fully-automated process, or somewhere in between, Brew.0 allows for seamless expansion and additional automation in the future. Our experts can help you to visualize an expansion plan that works for your brewery size, budget, and individual needs.

Technology that Works

What on Earth is an Industrial PC?

Brew.0 runs on an industrial PC, not a PLC. In addition to being cost-effective, industrial PCs combine the reliability of a PLC with the power and flexibility of a PC. With a robust Microsoft operating system that offers a 10-year support package, you’ll be covered for a long time. Seamlessly connected process control and data management gives you a bigger bang for your buck! We’ve chosen this product to make Brew.0 affordable and scalable to meet the needs of craft brewers.

How Does Brew.0 Work?

Brew.0 connects to all of the devices in your brewery, allowing you to control your devices, collect data, view reports, and run your operation from one central location. The web-based interface allows you to view the status of your operation in real time from any device. Brew.0 even has the ability to store your data securely in the cloud so you can view your brew reports from anywhere.

Brew.0 can be installed in breweries with any level of automation. We simply connect any existing network devices to the Brew.0 system. Our experts can also help you determine what level of automation is right for your operation and make recommendations for new instrumentation.

Your Brew, Your Way

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Your beer is unique, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Brew.0 is fully customizable to the way you brew. You have full control over recipes and equipment—you can even manually control your brewing operation from the interface. However you like to brew, Brew.0 can help. Making your process more consistent doesn’t mean making your beer less unique. Brew.0 gives the brewer the power, putting your brewery right into the palm of your hand.

If you’re interested in Brew.0 for your brewery, contact us for an evaluation of your system. We’ll send experts to evaluate your specific needs and provide a solution that works for the way you brew.

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